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What is comedy

If it’s not schadenfreude?,

Must be vigilant.



Felt sofa buddhas

Lol about watching TV,

Wisdom reflected?


Lips touch on the ear

A breath of lifetime so close,

White noise surrounds me.


How to reconcile

Being artistic and tech,

Fertilised logic.


Personal daydream

Soaring above the planet,

Borne by clear, clean air.


The cruelest of us

Are not the bravest of us,

Water rusts iron.


Alloy outer case

Internals to make one weep,

A lust for sweet fruit.


Wild in the country

With blasting horns far away,

Naked spirits thrive.


Reading a good book

Sipping a nice cup of tea,

The simple pleasures.


Lars, bring the herring

I will squash it with my foot,

Northern dark madness.