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Scraping the blue sky

Hong Kong’s boxes of refuge,

Heart is the real home.



Humour of all kinds

Spread all about the great earth,

Sugar-coated life.


Silver blue glimmer

On wings in the morning sun,

Soaring over clouds.


Heavy metal guy

Flying in dream machines,

Sailing in blue skies.


Wild in the country

With blasting horns far away,

Naked spirits thrive.


Sun’s glare, shielded eyes

Downunder’s summer swelter,

Cold beer on the porch.


Do you see blue sky?

Seabirds flutter out of reach,

Pity the lost soul.


Tallowed wicks sputter

Beneath jagged, craggy cliffs,

Lapping midnight sea.


Trek to the mountain

Meander through the foothills,

Swirling spirit mist.


Swerving the wrong way

On roads paved with ice and snow,

Grim merry-go-round.