About ‘one haiku per day’

Writing in a concise manner within strict constraints of form, is deceptively difficult.

Let me preface what follows by saying I am not a scholar of haiku nor Japanese culture or history. It’s just fun. So, this is what i understand and use as the basis for the haiku I write for this blog.

Traditionally, haiku comprises three lines in the following format:

Line 1 – 5 sounds

Line 2 – 7 sounds

Line 3 – 5 sounds

Syllables are a part of the English language, not Japanese as such, so when haiku is written in English we use syllables rather than the traditional sounds the Japanese would use. As I said, I don’t know Japanese language.

Haiku has spawned variants over the centuries with differing structures and I could have used any of those, or gone ‘freeform’ but I choose to existing within the old 5-7-5 form.

Also traditionally, haiku takes the general form of the first two lines working together and resolving in the third line, as a kind of conclusion or statement.

Now, I know there may be any number of errors in what I have just written and I’m sure that people with a far greater knowledge of the form may want to point out flaws in my explanation. To those people, please understand that this is, mostly, an exercise in fun and not a scholarly pursuit. I am not an authority, nor do I wish to be.

On to the fun.

Thanks for wading through the mud of my ramblings.


P.S. If I happen to miss a day through the unforeseen, I will write 2 the next day. Promise!

Oops, broke my promise already but life gets in the way. I’ll do better!

Oh, and for a much better explanation of haiku than mine check out…



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