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Do you see blue sky?

Seabirds flutter out of reach,

Pity the lost soul.



Tallowed wicks sputter

Beneath jagged, craggy cliffs,

Lapping midnight sea.



Why be afraid of one man,

Fear, the mind-killer.


Learning curve so steep

PHP challenges me,

Cyphers of grey mud.


Beware complacence

Tide washes in then goes out,

Emotionless time.


Like constant tugging

Grasping, dry hands reach through time,

Webs snap one by one.


Trek to the mountain

Meander through the foothills,

Swirling spirit mist.


Looking far upwards

Delusion or ambition,

Cloak of confidence.


Chance meetings at times

Produce good consequences,



Zero hour nears

Whatever that may now mean,