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been ill

sorry no posts this week but back very soon.



Lips touch on the ear

A breath of lifetime so close,

White noise surrounds me.


Reading a good book

Sipping a nice cup of tea,

The simple pleasures.


All I can hear now

Is the quiet of after,

Gardens before dawn.

Back on November 27th

I’ll be in Taiwan for the next 5 days or so and <i>Haiku</i> will resume as normal then.

Have a great week.

Out of town for a week…

I’ll be in Russia for a while for a holiday…back on 6th October.

Don’t forget me eh?


Interrupt and speak

Change the subject totally,

The sky fills with birds.


Heat in September

Relentless and always there,

Rain comes as relief.


Delirious dream

to wander free through the world,

Floating leaves abroad.


Olympics over

Controversy so distant,

Quickly forgotten.