“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

Leonardo da Vinci famously said,

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

To this end I have decided, for now at least, to abandon the work here to those who may seek it and enjoy it.

Like love, art lives in the heart and is never forgotten and, if one is lucky, it can be returned to and enlivened when the desire burns once more.

To the few who enjoy my work, and have enjoyed it, thank you. And if life has lost something in its discontinuity, I may be coaxed to reignite the flame some day.

Loves like shadows pass,

Though never do they die out,

Made, they live always.





Lavender smudges

Bruise the tear-stained eyes and cheeks,

A mirage appears.


Spiral towards space

Until apogee is reached,

Drifting in the breeze.


Scraping the blue sky

Hong Kong’s boxes of refuge,

Heart is the real home.


Humour of all kinds

Spread all about the great earth,

Sugar-coated life.


Gutted, exposed,

Emotion torn from the flesh,

Seared in the harsh glare.

just a bit longer

Since returning from Australia I’ve had a lot on my plate.

All will be sunny and new real soon now. Thanks for your patience. =)

away then renewed

I shall be away until the 21st April and then this blog will have new life breathed upon it.

See you then.



One blinking cursor

Emoticonless, clickless,

Pre-browser and mouse.

been ill

sorry no posts this week but back very soon.