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Sunday morning here

Maids in bunches gathering,

Birds on a wire.



Tap on the keyboard

Produce something wonderful,

Thus is the cup full.


A short holiday

Over but always in mind,

Drifting through the sky.

Back on November 27th

I’ll be in Taiwan for the next 5 days or so and <i>Haiku</i> will resume as normal then.

Have a great week.


Giant size displays

Twenty-four inches of WOW,

The fruit is sweeter.


Life in others’ hands

Can’t be any way to live,

Endless vision now.


It’s a misty day

Sounds amplified and spooky,

Satin scenes all round.


Needles and damage

Some remove pain and some don’t,

Lilies and blue skies.


Hard drive is too small

Upgrade’s tough with MacBook Pro,

Ones and zeroes grow.


Only to begin

And the task remains undone,

The heart is tired.