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Out of town for a week…

I’ll be in Russia for a while for a holiday…back on 6th October.

Don’t forget me eh?



If a bowl of grapes

Fell from the kitchen table,

What influence there?


How far down the hole

Did Alice need to venture,

To know politics?


I so love my Mac

With fear now I use PC,

Waiting for the crash.


Institutions fall

And panic builds all around,

Shame, the greedy few!


Art is to humans

Life distilled for a moment,

Lanterns in the dark.


Podcasting is fun

Don’t forget about content,

Make it have substance.


Look out the window

Whatever you see out there,

That is what you choose.


So many things now

Life is suddenly so full,

Standard life’s so lame.


How strange just to sit

And know you’ve nowhere to go,

Shifting sands of life.