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Rest for a moment

Walk along the waterfront,

Breathe in the sea air.



Delirious dream

to wander free through the world,

Floating leaves abroad.


Olympics over

Controversy so distant,

Quickly forgotten.


It’s far too easy

to live a cowardly life,

Release the heart now.


A cup of coffee

and a blueberry muffin,

A kind universe.


Melting in the sun

and buffetted by the wind,

Tropical cyclone.


Winds blow hard it seems

intrude in peaceful wishes,

Please sound the all-clear.

An apology…and good news too!

This is a rare non-haiku post to explain the recent absence of posts. (is that redundant?)

For the past month or so I’ve been wracked with crippling migraine headaches and am only now recovering.

Rather than try to catch up, today will be a new haiku and so into the future.

This may be a shot into empty space with no-one listening but to those who enjoy this blog, thanks for sticking, thanks for looking in, and I will do my best not to miss any more.

Thanks for understanding,