An amazing thing

From a very distant last,

Brawn is the phoenix.



It’s quite ironic

I write one haiku per day,

Same visit number.

*** It’s true. I write one haiku (almost) every day and the average number of visitors is about one per day. Should I continue? Hmm. (self-pity ends here) ***


Just one week to go

Until the great grand prix show,

Slaves are devotees.


The minimal art

of white on black on more white,

Life is rarely such.


Reminiscing now

Shades from the past drift about,

Between that and this.


Shadow on the heart

One mistep and the world mourns,

Memory remains.

*** On the sad news of the death of Natasha Richardson, this day ***


Facebook and Twitter

Smaller and smaller our world,

Tentacles of thought.


Taken for a ride

By those devoid of conscience,

Peck at the spilled grain.


You are the scalpel

I am the soul there revealed,

Soft excavation.


Spooky, spooky day

Watch the black cat walking by,

Friends, you have been warned!